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Solar Design @ Crossroads

At Crossroads, we use approximately 12,500 kwh of power each year. Our plan is to use forty (40) - 420 watt solar panels to create a system that produces 16,000-18,000 kwh of power annually. This will ensure we not only produce all that we use, but also sell a little back to the utility company.

17kw with 40 modules on East and West.jpg

East/West Design


Excess Power

East and West.jpg

South facing solar arrays are the most productive. However, since Crossroads doesn't have a South facing roof surface, we will install half the panels on the East roof and half on the West roof. In doing so, we will be able to capitalize on the early morning sunshine and the evening sunshine - only missing out slightly on the mid day peak.

micro inverter.jpg

Many systems use one large "inverter" to convert the solar power to grid compatible power. By using Micro-inverter technology, each individual panel will have it's own inverter monitoring it. This will ensure that the overall system will produce as much power as possible even when some parts of the system are shaded or not in optimum sunlight.


Since power usage at Crossroads and solar production change with the seasons, we have designed this system to match our highest usage months with the lowest production months. That means when we have high production months and have excess power, we can sell it back to the power company or trade it for a future credit.

Unique Design Elements

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