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Bridges Basketball Camp


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Week 2



Elijah is a perfect example of progression striving for perfection. When Elijah first came to camp he acted like he had a fourth degree blackbelt in horseplay. However, proof is in the progress as he has settled into his groove. He volunteers to lead in prayer and supports his teammates - especially the younger ones. He is a real example of what an MVT is all about.

Keep leading the way, Elijah!


Andrew has a voice but doesn't use it to put others down. His humble spirit is a model for all to follow. He puts his relationship with God first and isn't afraid to talk to others about it. His character qualities of humility, bravery, and helpfulness are exemplary and he has a nice jump shot too! Congratulations on being a Week 2 MVT, Andrew!

Keep being a BRIDGE!


Week 3


This is Sergio's first year at Bridges basketball Camp. However, he was quickly recognized by his peers as one of the best player's at this year's camp. They believe in Sergio and he was unanimously voted MVT this week! Not only for his basketball skills but for his attitude. It must be a great feeling to be uplifted by your peers and recognized for your dedication. This is a big responsibility Sergio, and now you need to got out and make yourself better by embracing and helping others. There is still a lot to learn but also realize there are things you can teach too! Are you willing to be the teammate that you would want on your team or the ball hog that nobody wants on their team? The choice is yours Champ and we are here to stack the deck in your favor every step of the way

Rise and Shine, Sergio!



Truu is the embodiment of a servant leader. Although one of our younger camp goers, Truu is beyond his years when it comes to building bridges and conquering adversity. The kicker is he does it when the spotlights are off. He's the first to help other teammates. He's the first to help setup. And, he's the first to help clean up. No questions asked. No instruction needed. Truu, keep this up and there will be a lot more 1sts in your future. You are an extraordinary point guard both in basketball and in life.

It is an honor to be your coach!



As one of our longest camp attenders, Landon has been here for 4 summers. To watch him grow into the young man you see here today is one of the reasons we do this camp! Landon is one of the most courageous people I have ever met! It takes a lot to stand up for yourself and others, and young Landon relies on God's Spirit of power and sound mind to do exactly that! The ability to have resolve, even when you are not at your best, will always bring favor. Always keep working. Always keep praying.

Be a blessing, Landon!

Week 4

IMG_5691 (1).jpg


The "laid back leader" (as demonstrated while getting her MVT award) Stacia embodies a leader who avoids the spotlight but is always willing to put in the work! During 4 on 4 drills, when some of the boys at camp thought they were unstoppable, General Stacia motivated her team of girls to go undefeated for the remainder of the drill - and even the remainder of the afternoon (hello)! If Ms. Stacia keeps up the hard work and maintains her "self-start" attitude, she will definitely excel to the next level.

Greatness is in you... Never be ashamed to shine bright!


Jeremiah, you are one cool cat and a real champion! Don't ever be content in anyone's shadow, Jeremiah. Although this was his first year at Bridges, he acted like he had nothing to prove. His work ethic and dedication to improvement did all the talking! Jeremiah accepted challenges that involved the whole group being penalized if he failed. The pressure did not phase him! His ability to step up in the face of adversity and carry his teammates resembled some MVP NBA players we highlighted this year like Steph Curry - and even the Good Samaritan we learned about. 

Keep your chin up, keep a positive outlook, keep praying, and REPRESENT! 

IMG_5694 (1).jpg

Week 5


LA Taurence

Words cannot express what a pleasure it is to be around this young man! Bridges Basketball Camp is blessed to have you as a participant. One of the exercises we work through is conflict on the court and how to use Biblical principles of listening, slow to anger, and considering others to resolve issues rather than escalate them. These types of skills are imperative in life as well and, "LA" you have them! Faced with real conflict, LA Taurence wanted to back away and quite - as we all would. But, he was able to use his God given gifts to face the fear of hardship and let the difficulty make him a better teammate. Even praying over the situation with the other kids. Though not the greatest player on the court, his kindness, courage, and resolve earned him MVT this week. LA Taurence not only "gets" the mission of Bridges, he MODELS IT!

Remember, it's not what you're called that counts. It's what you answer to.


We talk a lot at Bridges about facing fear and rising to the occasion. We even examine how imigrants and refugees like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jesus Christ had to be courageous in the face of hatred. Janae embodies that courage! She played through the rain, volunteered to play against kids bigger than her, and always stayed focused no matter what the distraction - all with a shining bright smile! She is a soft spoken leader that we love having at the camp! Keep striving, keep listening to learn, and keep that 1,000 watt smile and you will go far!

Take my advice, do not bet against Janae. She's coming for it all!



One of the exercises we do at camp involves picking good teammates on the court and how that relates to picking good friends in life. We say, "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future". Kevin, I would definitely pick you as my teammate and my friend. You are a leader of leaders! It was a pleasure to witness your compassion, conviction, and patience as you worked with teammates under your skill level. Not only that, but Kevin showed thoughtful insight as he voted for other teammates to be MVT. He excels at basketball, but what's really impressive is the way he lives his life! Life has a way of being unfair. But I'm proud to say you are not only a humble MVT at Bridges Camp, you are also an MVT to others in life!

Kevin is a young man after God's own heart and it has been a pleasure to coach you!

Weekly Highlights

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